HRH PRINCESS RACHEL BELLE Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization born to offer a sustainable support system that is translated into long-term job creation for those living in regions and countries left behind. We offer an adapted training/ formation system and grants in the right areas under the respect of human rights, climate protection and international good practice standards.

“Like my ancestors, I am able to build masterpieces, which will stand the test of time. Join me and let me express what God wrote in my DNA and it will benefit you.”


— Author: HRH Princess Rachel Belle

      •   Impactful & Futuristic Investor
      •   Founder & Chairwoman of AAA INTERGALACTIC INVESTMENTS GROUP
      •  Serial Entrepreneur
      •  More than 12 years of experience in the financial services industry including Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Equity
      •  Certified Investment Advisor with the license 34f GeWO from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK
      •  She attended college at the age of 9 years, enrolled in Baccalaureate Class at 16 years old and graduated from University in the field of finance.
      •  She underwent a pilgrimage of deprivation
      •  Polyglot with knowledge in more than 14 languages
          • African: Eton, Ewondo, Hausa, Ancient Egyptian languages such as Moungo languages, Douala, 
          • Asian: Chinese, Russian
          • European languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
      •   International Business Management including emerging markets: Advised and executed transactions and provided capital markets strategy advice globally in the field of financial services, information technology, commodities, agricultural products, futuristic infrastructure including smart real estates and renewable energy
      •   Relevant expertise regarding European and African cultures and languages
      •   Since the year 2005, Princess Rachel Belle is a board member of ADI ev (African Development Initiative).
      •   She is also a member of the German National Committee of UN Women whose aim is to defend and protect the rights of women.
      •   HRH Princess Rachel Belle is currently establishing her Foundation to facilitate education and boost the creation of jobs for young graduates in African countries.

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