Best Renewables and Futuristic Infrastructure Investment Group!

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group, the Award Winner has recently successfully financed YOOTTBOOK, A revolutionary application and the First if its Kind In the cosmos

New York, NY January 8th, 2020

Speaking on the success of this year’s winners, EU Business News commented: “In 2019 the German Business Awards returns once more, allowing EU Business News to reward the hardworking individuals and firms for their innovation and excellence in their business practice as well as their outstanding overall performance. We carefully evaluate everything from a business’s, or individual’s, performance over the past 12-months to ensure that only the most deserving parties walk away with one of our prestigious awards.


AAAIntergalactic HochschildCapital is The Best Renewables and Futuristic Infrastructure Investment Company!

What does this successful financial pioneer say ?

Poverty is the only illness that cannot be diagnosed by doctors but that financial institutions can and should treat.”

— Author: HRH Princess Rachel Belle.

“We give a fair chance to those left behind, to those who scream without a voice, to those talented ones without fair opportunities.”

Author: HRH Princess Rachel Belle


Founder and Chairwoman



It is the first corporate group awarded in this distinguished category.

Founder and Chairwoman HRH Princess Rachel Belle received this special award and said: “We are blessed, humbled and grateful for this award and the public interest. We are eager to do things right while we are efficiently serving. AAA INTERGALACTIC’s team members work smarter to deserve and maintain the trust of our partners, co-investors, and clients. From the bottom of my heart, I thank God for His inspiration, our honourable team members and partners joining the AAA INTERGALACTIC’s Fair Funding movement.” 

AAA INTERGALACTIC is the first financial group dedicated to interplanetary and intergalactic infrastructure.

AAA INTERGALACTIC’s companies are active in the cosmos, and their major focus areas are:

  • Futuristic Infrastructure
  • Futuristic Logistics
  • Smart Cities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Innovative and healthy agriculture methods
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Micro-financing
  • Private equities

Focusing Today on the Future

Releasing hard-to-access capital is what motivates HRH Princess Belle, a successful financial pioneer. In the shadows and silently, she carefully studied all aspects of her trade. 

If world heavyweight champion Dr Wladimir Klitschko nicknamed “Dr Steelhammer”, can win championships, Princess Belle is similarly trained in her field and enter the ring with her group to knock out the massive unemployment.


HRH Princess Rachel Belle & heavy weight Champion Wladimir Klitschko

Today she is using her hard-won strategic system to catapult her young group onto the world stage and into world markets. She said: “We have been working behind the scenes for a long time. Now is the time to go public.”

“Practice what you preach” is the philosophy of CEO, Princess Belle. To prove this, she and her teams are working to identify, qualify and multiply business opportunities through B2B capitalisation by engaging with leading specialists, who share her vision and see the wisdom of investing in the future of developing communities.

YOOTTBOOK’s Managing Directors are young, in their 20s and qualified for Forbes 30 under 30. At the moment they do not want to be in the news before releasing the application YOOTTBOOK; however, one of them who is a young Professor named Beatrice sent a short statement: “When I teach my students, it is not to see them become unemployed after they graduate. Unfortunately, many graduates are jobless worldwide, especially in emerging markets. We want to reduce unemployment and YOOTTBOOK brings new perspectives for the youth. YOOTTBOOK App is user-friendly and will accelerate job creation and funding worldwide.”

is the first hybrid application with four interfaces; it is also the first combined funding, recruiting and social media app.

After a successful test period, YOOTTBOOK will be downloadable via Apple and Google Play.

During the Corona pandemic


companies vaccine against a common threat such as COVID-19:

We say no to fear cultivated on Planet Earth.
We encourage you to do the same.

Do not collapse in your mind! 

We refuse “social distancing”

we promote social proximity and solidarity.

If you need a genuine friend,

I am yours.

Warmest regards,
RH Princess Rachel Belle

Founder and Chairwoman

ANTISEMITISM and RACISM - A Challenge to Mankind

The stories concerning victims of racism are shocking and tragic. People are angry with killers; in many cases, they are civilians. In the case of Mr. George Floyd, the killer was a policeman. The story of Mr. George Floyd is that he was killed by a police officer who ignored Mr. Floyd’s cries for mercy for more than eight agonizing minutes. The fact that Derrick Chauvin, the policeman responsible for Mr. George Floyd’s death, felt authorized to use such protracted and devastating brutal force on an immobilized suspect, suggests that racism is not just a matter of personal hatredbut a consequence of systemic failure.

I see beyond these inhuman acts. It is not only an issue between the police and civilians; the entire social system is not well structured. I am not a fan of the police or army, but I think some policemen and policewomen are good people, and some of them are also victims of a corrupt and increasingly evil system. The police often reflect the dominant social ideology of a country.

There is too much evil  in the financial industry. Complots are not uncommon. Some do not hesitate to use official institutions to commit evil. There is another type of killing, which is a deliberate attempt to tarnish the reputation of an innocent person or company with a purposely false report. The author of such acts is desperate, envious, wicked, and should be ashamed. They are the worst criminals, because they pretend to work for somewhat credible institutions to harm anyone, who is different.

When some people see a dark skin tone, they associate it to Africa. What do several channels mostly report about African countries? Nothing but poverty, ignorance, and disease. One consequence of this unflattering depiction is the reluctance of foreign investors to finance businesses in African countries. 

When a company or person from the African continent brings an innovation or is a pioneer in a sector or industry, we rarely hear about that in the media. The beautiful sides of African countries are seldom presented, and we cannot only accuse colonialism or the media when many Africans in charge do not make any effort to showcase the advantages of their diverse regions and countries. Some governments promote investments while some others do not. 

The negative news is quickly spread, free of charge, but for positive stories, for example, regarding innovative startups, many local media-companies want a significant payment. It is not astonishing that several large international media mostly spread damaging reports regarding African countries. Using the media as a guide, foreign investors would have the impression that African countries are plagued with diseases, conflicts, and poverty. Some may think that it makes no sense even to try an investment there. It is largely unknown that investments in Africa are often very lucrative and have higher ROI than investments in western countries is largely unknown.

This said the problem behind racism towards people of African descent is rooted in their economic situation. I do not recommend to test someone, but to know who your spouse, friends, and relatives are, tell them, for example, that you need help supposedly because you have a financial issue; you will be stunned. 

Independently of your gender, age, or skin color, when people assume that you are poor or in difficulties, you will be treated unfairly. You will be politically oppressed, economically exploited, and in the worst case, you will be slaughtered like Mr. Floyd. In other words, the beautiful chocolate brown skin tones are not the problem, but what a racist associates with that color of skin: slavery, poverty, prospects for victimization. Racists hurt you because they assume you are defenseless, and you would not be able to retaliate.

My solution to racism and poverty is to restore and empower African countries economically. It starts with funding businesses to create thousands of jobs. Yes, it involves much work in almost all areas, and this is what I am doing day and night. While many individuals on planet Earth spend valuable time partying, some are discriminating or segregating themselves through skin color, country of origin, language, gender, and/or religion. I consider all human beings as part of one race: the human race. I love human beings, so consequently, in my eyes, all lives matter.

I am obligated to serve and help build a stronger Africa. Intelligent infrastructure is the key driver of futuristic industrialization and economic growth on Earth, our home planet. As part of our efforts to promote industrialization, we must involve Africa.

In 30 years, Africa will look completely different with an excellent infrastructure. It can only happen if Africans like me, trust, and commit ourselves. I knew it at the age of 7. Later, when I was a student, I observed many things. For example, twelve years ago, when someone said he/she was Chinese, nobody cared. After China became economically strong and showed its financial muscles worldwide, even the most impoverished Chinese were suddenly respected, and less often the victims of racism because China was perceived as a financially powerful country. I have also witnessed some wealthy Europeans mistreat poor Europeans.

I stepped in to help the deprived or impoverished. On many occasions, some wealthy and wicked people oppress the less-fortunate instead of elevating them. In German-speaking countries, the social system was solid and well balanced, but it is no longer the case everywhere. Sadly, I have been observing old, and young people collect empty bottles from trashcans to survive. No one knows how the world will look like after Corona, but I have my cavalier projection.

Not all people in a position of influence are good leaders. There is a leadership problem in almost all countries and in virtually all political and economic sectors worldwide. If the majority of the rulers were fair, the underprivileged would be raised, respected, and no longer badly treated.

I learned from my ancestors that a strong and great leader always works for unity, not division; to treat wealthy and underprivileged people equally. We all belong to one race – the human race, and once in the grave, you can no longer use your wealth. Therefore, it makes sense to be generous during your lifetime. It should be an honor to be in a position to help and serve. Generosity is not always correlated to wealth, but the few generous billionaires I know are those who were helping others as they had less. When someone is needy and greedy, he will become even greedier if he had more. 

The more generously you think, the more you can win. Unfortunately, not all people in a position of influence always share my opinions, but Henry Ford said: “If people understood the monetary system, we would have a revolution before tomorrow morning.” It may happen sooner because the speed of information transmission is faster than ever, and people are frustrated and outraged. We can work together to prevent chaos. I would not overestimate or underestimate anyone. My team and I plead and work days and nights diligently for a fair chance for everyone.  

Nobody who is educated and talented should live in extreme poverty due to massive joblessness. We have enough resources on the Planet Earth for the benefit of all.

I sensitize more people and invite you to join our AAA INTERGALACTIC Fair Funding Movement. We welcome additional co-investors, partners, and team members who share our values. Together, we are more robust and can enable the enrichment of the deprived, and this would also benefit the wealthy. A system in which everyone sees his position improving, leads to a win-win situation which is sustainable and the best business system. This is what AAA INTERGALACTIC is striving to establish.

I am committed to AAA INTERGALACTIC duties, and as you can imagine, we face several challenges. However, I firmly believe that I am fighting the right battle and will, ultimately, win this battle because many people need me knowingly or unknowingly. With allies like you (yes, you, reading me now), we can positively impact and change things for the better, and this is even faster than some people may think possible. To join, send me a message with your name and email address in the green chatroom shown below. Thank you for your attention.

Princess Rachel Belle

AAA INTERGALACTIC Launches Futuristic
Financial Niche To Create Jobs!

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group is Ready to Facilitate Funding of Revolutionary Investments Worldwide

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA Intergalactic), an investment group with headquarters in the US and in Germany, founded by the young and dynamic European-African Princess Rachel Belle, is all set to fund social projects in promising emerging markets.

CEO and Founder Princess Rachel Belle said the group’s “primary mission is to promote a fair funding system, thereby enabling industrialisation and a better socio-economic future for the youth”.

The German-Cameroonian Princess Rachel Belle recently journeyed to Africa, where she was warmly received by the Prime Minister of Cameroon, His Excellency, Dr Joseph Ngute. He stated that his government and cabinet are encouraging young entrepreneurs in Cameroon and will co-operate with AAA Intergalactic led by Princess Belle to promote Cameroon as an attractive investment destination in Africa.

Cameroon is the 14th richest country in Africa according to statistics provided by

HRH Princess Rachel Belle – Founder of 
AAA INTERGALACTIC and His Excellency Joseph Ngute Prime Minister of Cameroon


In a world where hunger still exists, and injustices are multiplying, the desire to succeed socially and economically is more than ever synonymous with the creation of a better world. AAA Intergalactic has dedicated itself to this task for a brighter common future for all. The Group is a unique Investor with a mission to promote a fair system of financing which, subsequently, will facilitate industrialisation in several marginalised communities worldwide.

The CEO, Princess by birth summed up the attitude of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group in a recent interview:


“We give a fair chance to those left behind, to those who scream without a voice, to those talented ones without fair opportunities.”

HRH Princess Rachel Belle

Princess Belle founded this Investment Group to disrupt the known bottlenecks along the flow of global investments. According to the CEO, AAA Intergalactic’s immediate plan is to create “thousands of jobs by way of innovative investments, microfinance, private equity and special project financing, as well as mergers and acquisitions around the world.”

This process will focus mainly on Africa, Europe, America and other continents where a financial injection, tailored to the needs of promising companies, will energise developing communities. A reduction in poverty and an improved socio-economic future for young people would be a direct result of this system.

This result will be achievable through selecting the most promising entrepreneurs in each community and supporting them through the unique financial platforms of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group.

In plain words, AAA Intergalactic strives to execute two action plans:

1. Invest in hard-working communities that need it the most.

2. Create, by investment, a fair system that fosters businesses and creates jobs

At the start of this year, the group created a “Fair Funding” programme designed to offer candidates a diversified capital base and is adapted to the needs of local entrepreneurs.


Passion – Commitment – Integrity; these are the three symbolic stars guiding AAA Intergalactic as it promotes fairness and justice in future marketplaces within developing communities. This is AAA Intergalactic’s niche – to provide care and capital to those who are most in need of Fair Funding.

Investments Combined with Philanthropy

“The time has come to move in the right direction with quick and effective action” said AAA Intergalactic’s CEO, adding:

Poverty is the only illness that cannot be diagnosed by doctors but that financial institutions can and should treat.”

HRH Princess Rachel Belle

AAA Intergalactic’s CEO, Princess Belle distributing scholarships

The young innovative and savvy CEO has been generously welcomed by African aristocracy such as His Majesty Joseph II Ekandjoum, King of Baréhock. Princess Belle has been hailed as a model global citizen /philanthropist/activist and an excellent entrepreneur.

              Joseph II Ekandjoum, King of Baréhock/ Littoral/ Cameroon

AAA Intergalactic’s CEO donated school supplies and gifts to students.

Princess Belle donated school supplies to the Lycée’s management, and gifts to the best teachers.


In January 2019, during her visit to Cameroon, Princess Belle donated school supplies to the Lycée’s management, and gifts to the teachers with the best performance. She also distributed scholarships based on academic excellence to 19 students at Baréhock High School in Littoral. Many recipients were young women who, absent such generous donations by AAA Intergalactic under the direction of CEO Princess Belle, may have become dropouts due to cultural attitudes, domestic duties, early marriage, early pregnancy, and social vices that are used as a means of survival.

The boys are equally unfortunate due to rampant child labour law violations. In Africa and the Middle East, 73.3 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in child labour.

The AAA Intergalactic scholarships are therefore not just a philanthropic so-called “nice gesture”; these are necessary investments to help students, especially women, and the communities in general, stave off poverty.

AAA Intergalactic’s CEO Princess Belle distributing cash gifts to the best professors in Africa

The students were thrilled and spontaneously sang to thank Princess Belle

After being graciously thanked by the high school principal and the grateful students, Princess Belle went on to network with the country’s leaders, advocating for the creation of local jobs and the adoption of her Group’s investment system: AAA Intergalactic’s Fair Funding. Princess Belle, with determination and the full force of her winning spirit concluded: “We must first create thousands of jobs, then I will rejoice!”

Select the best, encourage the rest

Oliver Bierhoff and Princess Rachel Belle

The coach of a football team must detect the best players so that he can lead a team of winners. Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff, coaches of the German team, were able to put together a group of highly talented players who went on to win the World Cup and make Germany proud.

The AAA Intergalactic teams, in this same spirit of competition, are selecting the African winners of the future because their CEO has a vision of Africa, once again basking in all her beauty and splendour.

AAA Intergalactic will be the front-runner in showing other financial companies the great investment potential in Africa. New trends in technological innovation and better ecological systems continue to emerge. 

In summary, after choosing the most underestimated companies for direct financing, AAA Intergalactic will provide appropriate support and education to those who show high potential for success. The group hires the best of talents so that they can work for the enrichment of the communities.

AAA Intergalactic is the first independent financial group dedicated to presenting a financially fair, futuristic and diversified investment platform. Its difference to other companies in its field lies in its sincere motivation: to offer socially responsible investment opportunities to those who are not only most disadvantaged but who also show the most significant potential to succeed.

AAA Intergalactic is flexible, fast and efficient with maximum cost reduction in processing funding requests in 3 to 6 weeks, instead of the usual 3 to 9 months.

AAA Intergalactic is the leading independent, futuristic, financial services provider in its targeted communities.
In pointing out what makes the group competitive, AAA Intergalactic’s Chairwoman said:

“Accurate analysis and prognoses help us identify future trends and select the best with the highest potential. We bring profound cultural and political understanding.

Our decision-making process is efficient and at least 10 times faster than other processes.”

The Group does not only confine itself to conventional project funding and infrastructural investments. The AAA Intergalactic “Fair Funding system” is unique; AAA Intergalactic focuses on bringing dynamic futuristic investments into several vertical markets in regions where poverty, lack of opportunity and inequality still prevail. Its major focus areas are:

  • Futuristic Infrastructure
  • Futuristic Logistics
  • Smart Cities
  • Telecommunications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Innovative and healthy agriculture methods
  • Financial Technology
  • Internet security/ Blockchains
  • Intelligent Rating Systems
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Microfinance
  • Private equities
  • Project financing
  • M&A

AAA Intergalactic and partners are currently working on the implementation of impactful and lucrative projects that will create approximately 1030 sustainable jobs within the next 18 months. For more information visit AAA Intergalactic’s websites or contact the Relationship Management team: