Her Royal Highness Princess Rachel Belle

A Beacon of Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Raindrops fall on a thirsty land while the wind blows, carrying leaves in its path. However, no-one hears anything. Neither torrential rain nor thunder can be heard. Not because this sound is far away, but because it is overshadowed by a shrill sound: the noise of suffering, of famine, of inequality, of poverty. The sound of some people trying to escape but constantly encountering obstacles. One sound, one rhythm is distinct from all. The heartbeats of some persons wanting to help, trying to escape, in need of a brighter and happier future. In the midst of this chaos, a woman sets up a revolutionary system in the most unforgiving world: the world of finance.

A woman who assumes all this responsibility? Absolutely, a young woman. The time when this woman was kept silent is over. This woman is not just any woman. She is a woman whose softness and strength made her what she is today: Princess Rachel Belle, CEO of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA Intergalactic). With so many inequalities in opportunities, this unique Financial Group has only one motto: Success for the deprived. Princess Belle’s projects are almost always because of her strategic and thorough preparation. During her presentations, she anticipates objections before they are expressed and answers questions before the hands are raised. That’s why stakeholders and co-investors are willing to support her projects; This is why stakeholders and co-investors are ready to support her projects because they know they are teaming up with a winner – they reportedly call her “most valuable player in futuristic funding”.

Who is She?

The European-African CEO, Princess Rachel Belle, is a Bantu Princess and a descendant of the Kushites and Kemites (Ancient Egyptians).

The Kemites are African people who created one of the world’s most enduring and significant civilisations.

Kemite culture stems from one of the oldest communities of humanity and is a culture of advancement and human achievements.

The Kemite civilisation has produced pharaohs, pyramids, hieroglyphs and countless other wonders that still elude the understanding of modern scientists, engineers and academics. She believes in the omniscient God of David.

 She lives the values of Christ, who says “love your neighbour as yourself”; however, she admits that at times it is not always easy to practice that lifestyle.

  HRH Princess Rachel Belle is an African Princess by birth; short appellation: Princess Belle.
  Difference: in Europe: Prince + first name # In Cameroon: Princess + (1st) last name
  In their Cameroonian Kingdom Princes and Princesses have several last names telling the history of their ancestors.
  Languages: 14
  She attended college at the age of 9 years, enrolled in Baccalaureate Class at 16 years old and graduated from University in the field of finance.
  Race: Human
  Height: ~180 cm
  Sex at birth: Female
  Family: Not yet married, no children yet. She said that, she will change her marital status with a “real”, philanthropic and trustworthy man. She has been raised by a multiethnic and multicultural family, grew up in Africa and Europe, is empathetic and has a deep understanding of diverse people’s types, cultures, challenges.
  Leisure: Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Art (opera), singing, travelling, scientific research, charity work, Cameroonian folklore, movies (One of her favourites is: Coming to America /The Prince from Zamunda).

Music (André Rieu “My African Dream”/ Angelique Kidjo  “Wombo Lombo”/Wes Madiko “Alane”; “awa awa” / Sean Paul “She Doesn’t Mind”/ Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack”/Maître Gims “Sapés comme jamais”/Don Omar “Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo”/Khaled “Aicha”/ Johny Clegg “Great heart”/ Youssoun N’dour “7 seconds”/ Coldplay “adventure of a lifetime”/ Tasha Cobbs “Fill me up”/ Kanye Wes” Jesus walks”/ DMX “Lord give me a sign”/ Laith Al Deen “Dein Lied”; “Alles an Dir”/ Hans Zimmer “marry me”/ Sarah Connor “Wie schön Du bist”/ Elevation”Do it again”/ Manau ” La tribu de Dana”/ Sarah Connor”Bedingungslos” / Ricky Martin “Private Emotion”/ Nelly ” just a dream”/ Mario “let me love you”/  Robbie William “Supreme”/ Marc Anthony “You Sang To Me”/ Enrique Iglesias “Bailamos”; “be with you”/ U2 & Mary J. Blidge “one love”/ Tina Turner “Simply the Best”/ Maroon 5 “Sugar”/ 50 Cent “I Get Money “/ Henri Dikongue “c’est la vie”/  Salif Keita “Africa”/  Herbert Grönemeyer “Mensch”/Savage Garden “To the moon and back”/  KCI & Jojo “all my life”/Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”/ Elevation “Do it again”/ Luciano Pavarotti “nessun dorma”/ Luciano Pavarotti, James Brown “it’s a man’s man’s man’s world”/ Barry white “let the music play”/ Beyonce “crazy in love”/ Juli “perfekte Welle”/ Tokyo Hotel “Durch den Monsun”/ Yanick Noah “Soleil”/ Luther Vandross “Secret love”/ Tina Turner “on silent wings”/ Aretha Franklin “At last”/ Frank Sinatra “my way”/ David Bowie “Hero”/ Ed Sheeran “perfect”/ John Legend “All of me”/ France Gall “Elle a”/ Celine Dion “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”/ Eros Ramazzoti “Più Bella cosa”; “Cosas de la vida”/ Rihanna “Diamond”/ Phil Colins “Another day in paradise”/ Magic system “Zouglou”/ Sali Nyolo “Tam Tam”/ Papa Wemba “Yolele”/ Angelique Kidjo “Agolo”/ Bon Jovi “It ‘s my life”/ Numb “Linkin Park”/ Tchavoisky “Swan lake: Act III/ Vivaldi “Four Seasons”/ Beethoven “Moonlight”; “fur elise”/ Strauss “Wiener Blut”/ Dvorak “Symphony 9”, Mozart “Symphony 40”; “eine kleine Musik”/ Léo Delibes “The flower Duet”/ Giuseppe Verdi “libiamo ne”/ Bach “cello Suite No 1″/Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi and Hans Zimmer  best pieces)


HRH Princess Rachel Belle

the hidden dynasty


Princess Belle is directly related to a dynasty of several kings ruling. The latest in history are the hero King Joseph Ekandjoum and King Rudolf Manga Bell.

These kings are known for their honorable fight for the rights of their people and against colonialism.

The Great King Joseph Ekandjoum, integer and incorruptible led the resistance behind the scenes with his army; He defeated the colonial army during World War I. His kingdom spanned a large area within the Moungo-Littoral-region now Cameroon, including the Nkongsamba/Baréhock/Bare-Bakem and Ekom Nkam Waterfall regions. The Moungo is known for its rich history and… 

Geographical Splendour !

Kingdom of King Joseph Ekandjoum

After her formal education, HRH Princess Rachel Belle left this scenic and historic location and travelled to Germany to complete her higher education. There she chose to live an ordinary life as she knew that this experience would be character-building and help sculpt her personality.

She says “a certificate from an elite school is not a guarantee for success, before adding “success and character are not taught in school. She sums up her philosophy about leaving behind the comforts of opulent living with the following words: “Every human should develop his/her own character; especially leaders, because without substantial character, it is difficult for the privileged to understand the real struggles and aspirations of the deprived”.

The Legend of Tarzan, Hollywood Movie was filmed on the lands of His Serene Highness King Joseph Ekandjoum, King of Moungo in the 19th century.

HRH Princess Rachel Belle conquering the Global Investment World

Rarely does a princess’s professional life begin outside an economic comfort zone. That’s why the story of Princess Rachel Belle, and her global investment group of companies, AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA INTERGALACTIC), is truly remarkable.

Princess by Birth Turns CEO

Princess Rachel Belle was born into the Royal Dynasty of Cameroon. She attended college at the age of 9 years, enrolled in Baccalaureate Class at 16 years old and graduated from University in the field of finance. She accumulated professional experience in Germany and then underwent a pilgrimage of deprivation, as part of the process of initiation towards her particular mission: establishing a system that ensures the trickling-down of global finance into the most remote grassroots areas. For this purpose, the group of global companies known as AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA INTERGALACTIC) was born.

AAA Intergalactic Investments is located on Wall Street, New York City, USA; AAAIntergalactic HochschildCapital has its European Headquarters in the central hub of Frankfurt’s Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz, and the company’s Middle Eastern / African Headquarters AAA Intergalactic Infrastructure is located on Ancien Dalip Street of Douala, Cameroon. The Group AAA INTERGALACTIC will open its doors in Singapore in the fourth quarter of the year 2020.

Princess Belle founded this unique investment group to disrupt the known bottlenecks along the flow of global investments.

How does Princess Rachel Belle succeed?

Princess Belle is not a princess-in-distress waiting to be saved. She is a hands-on CEO who “gets on her horse” and saves others. Her life was not full of privilege and advantage – no “rose water” existence, as one might think. Princess Rachel Belle has journeyed from a plentiful existence to a time of deprivation, and subsequently back to wealth. She grew up surrounded by warmth and affluence, guided by strict but loving parents. Only two years after passing her Baccalaureate at the age of 16, Princess Belle began living in Germany, without the financial support of her parents and the inherent protections bestowed on her by her titles and prestige.

Thus began her personal journey into the chasm of the daily struggles of a commoner. This CEO has experienced the dichotomy between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. She understood that experiencing both sides of the coin would build character and she knew that sculpting her own character would prepare her to assume the great responsibilities she felt were predestined for her. She said: “Every human being must develop his/her own character; especially leaders because, without character, it is difficult for the privileged to understand the real, daily, struggles and aspirations of the deprived.”

Experience Creates Personality

Her personal journey began by understanding the daily battles of commoners: the struggle for respect, dignity and equality. In the “anonymity”, she was refused several jobs, when according to several witnesses she was the best qualified for the position. She has endured mobbing, misogyny, chauvinism, intrigue and the jealousy of those who saw her star and tried to extinguish her flame. She understands how often a powerless being is exposed to injustices and that even in the face of reason, almost no-one comes to their aid and stands up for their rights. It is often thought that the modern woman is given the same respect as a man and treated professionally. Although it was difficult, Princess Belle learned a lot about the world. She has faced prejudices aimed at “exotic, brown and black” and also many other injustices that are unfortunately most reserved for people who are thought to be poor. Even though she has found this discrimination distasteful (to say the least), Princess Belle has remained focused on her mission and says “now I use all accumulated trials, tribulations and chicaneries as raw material to produce excellence”. When a person like her has experienced these vicissitudes, is it not right and fitting to stand up for the disadvantaged?

Today Princess Rachel Belle is a member of the German National Committee of UN Women whose aim is to defend and protect the rights of women.

She has become what every woman wishes to be, possessing high self-esteem, a strong will and a character of her own — and with all her principles intact. During her periods of loneliness and hardship, she was guided by the morals and teachings her parents had instilled in her when she was a teenager. Her character, acquired solely of her own will, is something that an elite private university, her royal lineage and her beloved parents could not carve for her. “A certificate from an elite school or university is not a guarantee of success,” she says “because success and character are not taught at school.”

“I am a member of the German UN Women Committee,

because as laid down in the Basic Law,
the dignity of the human being
and the equality of women
are not negotiable for me.
As a member, I can actively campaign
for more equality in my business area
and against discrimination.”

HRH Princess Rachel Belle

Passion – Commitment – Integrity

These are the three currencies of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group, which will ensure fairness and justice in the futuristic markets of developing communities. That’s its niche – to caringly capitalise those most in need of its Fair Funding. The very committed CEO is also one of the female members of the German National Committee of the UN.

Women are not at the top of the financial pyramid when evaluated by credit institutions. However, AAA Intergalactic seeks to change this reality for female entrepreneurs and employees. Women are the most effective, creative and innovative workers in households and businesses. Unfortunately, women have historically been forced to achieve a great deal with very few resources.  It is often said that women are reluctant to take risks, while men are attracted to risky behaviour. That is why we believe that women are the most eligible candidates for advanced funding on fair and affordable terms. AAA Intergalactic gives women and men a chance to achieve their full potential and gives deprived communities a fair chance to rise. Their win is AAA Intergalactic Investments Group’s victory.  

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group Founder & President Princess Belle wants to inform financial institutions of what she learned during her pilgrimage of deprivation: “Poverty is not a lack of potential, but a lack of opportunities and effective support systems.” She resultantly works to create concrete opportunities for others.

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest,” said the late Nelson Mandela. To combat the scourges of poverty, AAA Intergalactic Investments Group has a mission to provide Fair Funding to those most in need of assistance to industrialise their marginalised communities and create thousands of sustainable jobs.

An Iron hand in a Velvet Glove

In 2013, His Majesty Ekandjoum, Joseph II introduced Princess Rachel Belle to the Royal Court of SAWA as First Princess. Today, the CEO of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group reveals her true identity and history to the general public and declares her desire to serve her people and humanity as a whole. She is fiercely determined to end destitution efficiently. Like the world heavy-weight champion Dr Wladimir Klitschko aka “Dr Steelhammer”, who is famous for using his “steel hammer” tactics to win championships, Princess Belle has entered the ring, highly trained and ready to knock out poverty.

HRH Princess Rachel Belle & heavy weight Champion Dr. Wladimir Klitschko

This CEO will measure her long-term success by every new job that she will create and by every person who will regain his or her dignity under the umbrella of the AAA Intergalactic Group. Princess Belle approaches her work in the same way that she leads her life — with optimism, grace, integrity, trust, strategic tact, and discipline. Many years of hardship made her emotionally strong, sharpened her spirit and increased her compassion for others.  Integrity is her motto, and she always keeps her word. She is a warm-hearted human being who strives to protect the marginalised, defend them against injustices and repair the damage done to them. She has clearly defined expectations of her staff and offers clear suggestions as they confront their own challenges. She also honours her deadlines, a trait she perfected thanks to her German professors.

The experiences of her life have allowed her to be comfortable at the tables of a wide variety of people. She moves seamlessly between meeting with potential customers who serve Ndolè, Kouem, Foléré and Kontschap, to eating oysters and sipping a glass of Louis Crystal Roederer at events hosted by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Of her experience, she says, “poverty is not a lack of potential but a lack of opportunities. Deprivation or poverty is the only disease that cannot be diagnosed by doctors but that financial institutions can and must treat.”

Princess Belle does not stray from the mission and objectives of AAA Intergalactic. Recently she saw a March 2018 episode on CNN about human trafficking in Africa that caused her to redouble her commitment to succeed in building success for others. The story focused on a Nigerian youngster, aptly named Victory.

Victory used his life’s savings to pay human traffickers to escort him from Nigeria’s Edo state to the Libyan coast, so he could cross over to Europe in search of work to help his mother and younger siblings. During his ill-fated year-long trek, he was frequently auctioned off as a day labourer by his traffickers, sold into slavery, and “imprisoned” by the Libyan government in squalid conditions (400 men to a large room with no beds, little running water) at its migrant detention centre. Eventually, he was deported back to Nigeria, only to learn that his mother, having been forced to pay another ransom to the smugglers, had been evicted from her home for non-payment of rent after she used the money to buy Victory’s freedom. So Victory is home again, still “homeless and hungry,” as he said in the telecast.

The German-Cameroonian CEO, Princess Belle, knows that the success of her company will help millions of young people like Victory. Princess Belle and AAA Intergalactic Investments Group are passionate and committed to operating with the utmost determination to be successful in their mission to help a multitude of young people to emerge. In speaking of the maternal nature of her work, Princess Belle says: “If you teach a woman a few important moral values, you teach these values to the entire family and future generations.” Princess Belle works to make the future of her neighbours better. She, with her group and partners, are working smarter to turn Africa once again into “the promised land.”

The Mission of Princess Belle

HRH Princess Rachel Belle with His Excellency Ilir Meta, President of Albania. In Albania many young people are looking for jobs.

The primary purpose of HRH Princess Belle is to facilitate a fair system of financing to promote industrialisation in selected communities and thereby create thousands of jobs using micro-finance, private equity, project financing, mergers and acquisitions and other innovative investment options in Africa and around the world.  

All this may seem too idyllic, but how many times in the history of humankind has something which initially seemed impossible, later been realised? While the task is not easy, Princess has the will of lions, a pragmatic mission and a strategic action plan.

The direct result of Princess Belle’s mission under the umbrella of AAA Intergalactic Investments Group will be a reduction in poverty and an improved socio-economic future for the youth in Africa and in the rest of the world.

She Chooses the Best, Encourages the Rest

You hold the future in the palm of your hand. You touch it with your fingertips. Grab it and take ahold of what the earth has to offer you. The coach of a football team must detect the best players so that he can lead a team of winners. Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff, coaches of the German team, were able to put together a group of highly talented players who went on to win the World Cup and make Germany proud. 

The AAA Intergalactic teams, in this same spirit of competition, are selecting the African winners of the future because their Chairwoman has a vision of Africa, once again basking in all her beauty and splendour.

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group plans to achieve this by selecting a group of the most promising entrepreneurs and supporting them through the company’s unique financial platforms. AAA Intergalactic’s Fair Funding program is designed to provide candidates with a diversified capital base, tailored to the needs of local entrepreneurs. “The time has come to move in the right direction with quick and effective action,” said Princess Rachel Belle, AAA Intergalactic President. The human being must know his/her value, and protect the next generation from poverty. It is this empathy and this ability to solve problems that make the human race such a unique species.

Oliver Bierhoff and Princess Rachel Belle

A Financial Revolution

HRH Princess Rachel Belle has done the groundwork to trigger a revolution that would positively impact the way global finance and investment work. She established her group of companies two years ago and now has a strong team of partners and motivated professionals. They have launched the company’s official website and social platforms to spread their message.

Though the young and dynamic group is very popular, it is also exposed to noticeable hostility from one established firm.

Facebook: within the first 3 days following the registration of one of AAA INTERGALACTIC’s companies on Facebook, the group had more than 5,000 followers on the platform. Their mailbox has been inundated by invitations requests from people around the world. Facebook reacted by breaking the link to this popular group and the removal of its page. Facebook did not stop there: it also removed the profile of CEO HRH Princess Rachel Belle followed by thousands of people worldwide only 3 days after registration of her profile.

HRH Princess Rachel Belle is rarely active on social media; however, she had a profile on Linkedin and interestingly it recently “disappeared.”

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and German laws sanction monopoly or cartel. OECD has stated: “While mere possession of monopoly power does not in itself constitute violation of competition laws, the abuse of such power  – particularly if it is used to weaken competition further by excluding rivals – calls for intervention from competition authorities.” The giant companies in question discriminate, disrespect their user privacy, act in some cases like dictators, and violate governmental laws and rules. The Bundeskartellamt has sanctioned Facebook under Art. 19(1) of the Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen (GWB, i.e. Act Against Restraints of Competition). Facebook was sanctioned several times because they often use terribly unfair and illegal methods. Attempts of hacking to steal new App’s codes or new technology were recorded. If other companies never fight back, HRH Princess Rachel Belle and allies will retaliate on behalf of all maltreated people and discriminated small businesses. 

HRH Princess Rachel Belle declared “Our group is about the people first! The creator has ordained the sun to rise and shine – no human can stop that process. AAA INTERGALACTIC INVESTMENTS GROUP is set to rise, shine to illuminate, and serve the people.”

The Group’s objective is to spread the AAA INTERGALACTIC’s Fair Funding system across the globe in a smart way and to offer “diversified capitalisation that is customised for the financial demands of local business people”.  AAA INTERGALACTIC’s companies are not brokers and offer their services free of charge.

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group and partners are currently working on the implementation of impactful and lucrative projects that will create approximately 1,500 sustainable jobs within the next 2.5 years.

AAA INTERGALACTIC welcomes new cooperation partners and those impact co-investors or institutions with similar values to its own: a sincere love for humankind, and a sincere desire to create thousands of sustainable jobs. If you are interested, join the mission.  Step out of your comfort zone – just like HRH Princess Rachel Belle did.